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Taking Power Surveillance to the Streets

Taking Power Surveillance to the StreetsLight poles are the mainstay of every public safety plan. They illuminate the way for drivers and pedestrians at night and also provide a power source for surveillance cameras that keep crime at bay. But from Los Angeles to Florida and everywhere in between, street and highway light poles are being plundered for their copper wire. For a few bucks worth of copper, thieves are destroying the poles at the base and causing municipalities to spend thousands in repairs to get lights working again. In many cases, a pole will be repaired and broken into again, creating a cycle of safety hazards and expense.

The MPS Power Sentry is a powerful surveillance solution with a unique battery backup option that keeps the entire system operating even if the power source is disrupted. Because each system operates independently, there are no budget-busting minimum units to purchase. You can start with one or a few, and add extra units at any time. These systems can tap into the power source directly at the pole and communicate wirelessly.

Power Sentry platforms also provide much more than camera surveillance. They support deterrents, sensors, audio and even extra lighting options. Most importantly, you get to choose the video management system, cameras and other devices you want. The result is a multi-functional system that:

 Improves security on the street
 Helps monitor vehicle and pedestrian traffic
 Deters vandalism at the light pole
 Provides instant notification of breaches

Our solutions consultants can help you create a system that will serve your community for years: call 952-324-5656 today.