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Street Savvy Options for Smart Cities
More than Mobile: Create Smart Poles with Power Sentry

We’re on them day and night: smart phones have become a personal communication device few can live without. The general public has come to rely on and use cellular and wireless communication networks so much that cities and municipalities are increasingly exploring ways to offer it as a free or paid service. And as cities move toward integrating their technology resources so data can be quickly and efficiently shared among their communities, city planners are tasked with building information sharing networks that serve them today and can be upgraded to accommodate the tech of the future.

Of course there are many, many factors to be considered when mapping out the course of how new infrastructure will be introduced. The merging of hard assets such as lighting, surveillance cameras, traffic control, and utility delivery with cloud-based applications which allow remote control and automation has created many promising opportunities. Among the most important of these is to increase public safety and limit downtime of essential services.

“Any pole can be a SMART pole with MPS Power Sentry.”

Smart Power Platforms

Mobile Pro Systems has developed solutions that can be deployed as independent, stand-alone systems or integrated with networks that already exist. Because our products are built as smart power platforms, they can be used to power more than a mobile surveillance system. For example, our Power Sentry 6000 series of mounted camera systems can also be configured to provide WiFi or cellular networks. They can create independent networks using the units themselves or be used to access a network shared with other city hardware such as lighting or traffic control.MPS Power Sentry Smart Pole

Rechargeable Battery Backup for Continuous Operation

All Power Sentries have a sophisticated battery backup system which recharges from available power sources in order to provide continuous operation when scheduled power is offline or during unanticipated power outages. This allows law enforcement and emergency city personnel to access critical communication channels via battery-powered Power Sentries for a significant period of time until regular power can be restored.

Cost-Effective Installation

The Power Sentry is uniquely engineered to avoid traditional installation power obstacles. It does not require costly cabling and accepts 90 – 277 volt AC input to minimize re-wiring. These design features substantially reduce the cost of deploying surveillance and communications technologies in ways not previously possible. This means any community, large or small, can reap the benefits of smart technology today without waiting years for resources or long-term projects to be completed.

For more information about the how the Power Sentry can do more to enhance your city’s services and communications along with superior surveillance capabilities, call 651-434-2333 today.