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Around Town with MPS Camera Trailers

When a city agency first brings an MPS camera trailer on board, they are often amazed at just how useful and versatile a surveillance trailer can be. In fact, one of the most common statements we hear from a new law enforcement customer is: “We don’t know what we did without it.”

That’s because it doesn’t take officers long to start experiencing the benefits of having a full-sized or compact MPS mobile surveillance trailer. Because MPS trailers can be set up or moved quickly, officers are able to deploy them usually within minutes. Then using a smart phone or tablet, they can check-in periodically or easily access the camera views after receiving a dispatch call. The ability to do this helps officers prioritize their patrols and provide a faster, more prepared response when incidents requiring their attention do occur.

MPS Camera Trailer in Residential Area
MPS Camera Trailer in Business District
MPS Camera Trailer in City Park

In addition to having a trailer on hand for special events or emergencies, we’ve heard many success stories where cities have used MPS mobile surveillance trailers to tackle ongoing problems their communities are experiencing. For example, residents concerned with suspected drug trafficking have witnessed how effective an MPS camera trailer is at discouraging unwanted activity in their neighborhood. When downtown business districts have struggled to bring in patrons because of public concerns about crime, trailers have been deployed to put everyone (except criminals) at ease. Placing mobile cameras at parks and beaches have gone a long way to tamp down unruly visitors and keep those areas peaceful and fun for everyone.

Cities have found these measures help officers keep the peace while spending less on overtime and extra patrols. Plus citizens can see the difference in troubled areas–as incidents go down, public confidence goes up. One of the most important aspects about mobile surveillance is that it’s temporary. A trailer can be deployed for a few days, a few weeks or perhaps several months, but once it has accomplished its mission, it can be moved to another area — no permanent or costly surveillance installation required.

To learn more about how Mobile Pro Systems camera trailers are helping communities of all sizes fight crime and support law enforcement, call 952-324-5645.