Remote Mobile Surveillance Trailers for Gas & Oil Industries

Petrochemical Plant

Oil and gas facilities are important critical infrastructures in our country. From drilling and extracting to refining, the entire process requires 24/7 surveillance in order to protect the sites and the people who work there. Protecting the perimeter and interior of such sites is of the best interest to the respective company and of national interest to our country.

When you want to protect and monitor your site, you want a system that is cost-effective, dependable and easy to use. Our systems allow you to:

  • View progress and activity at your site
  • Monitor workers and ensure they are complying with proper safety standards
  • View and monitor your sites for issues and downtime
  • Monitor critical devices and equipment performance
  • Protect Well / Drilling / Fracking  Sites
  • Protect Refineries and Pump/Sub Stations
  • Protect Pipelines & Pipeline Sites
  • Protect Equipment / Materials / Supplies
  • Protect Heavy Equipment / Fuel Supplies
  • Protect Against Theft and Vandalism
  • Protect Personnel and Housing Facilities

At Mobile Pro Systems we provide the latest in mobile security solutions to oil & gas sites, pipelines, pump/sub stations, oil rigs and refineries across the US and worldwide. From short term deployments at drilling/fracking sites to long term deployments at pipelines, oil rigs and refineries, our mobile solutions allow for quick deployment to protect, monitor and establish communications at your desired site. MPS can deliver the visual and data confirmation you need at any location, including remote locations, to ensure your site is safe, productive and protected.

Our mobile solutions include state of the art video surveillance that include high definition fixed, pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) and thermal cameras. They also include the latest in motion and intrusion detection devices which include infra-red, class-1 laser and fiber optic cable. We offer multiple types of communications technologies to best suit the need of the site; from cellular to point-to-point to satellite, we provide the communications platform needed to effectively communicate video and data to your desired location.