Power Sentry

Pole-Mounted Standalone Security Camera System

Sentry Series

Pole-Mounted Standalone Security Camera System

Exceptional engineering, flexible mounting options and configurations make the Power Sentry 6000 the most customizable security solution available. It’s easily installed with a universal bracketing system on light poles and sides of buildings or structures.


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Key Features

Advanced Interactive Dashboard

Advanced MPStatus dashboard application provides interactive SMS and email notifications, health stats, and full control of your system’s integrated technologies.

Flexible Power Source

Batteries are charged when power is available. During scheduled downtime or when power is not available, the unit draws power from the batteries for uninterrupted operation.

Easily Scale and Relocate

Deploy as an individual security asset and add more units as needed. No minimum or maximum units required. Start with one or a few and scale to fit your budget and needs.

Universal Mounting Brackets

Easily and quickly install on any pole, wall or tripod.

Modular Design

Adaptable platform with unlimited configurations for cameras, lighting, audio or sensors.

Limitless Integration

Full software integration with any world-class camera, sensor or video management system.


  • 10” L x 11” W x 21” to 55” H *
  • Durable aluminum structure
  • Flexible modular configuration options
  • Thermal controlled enclosure
  • Universal mounting brackets

* Length varies by backup battery option.


  • 45-135AH lithium battery options
  • 35-105AH AGM battery options
  • 110-277 VAC Input
  • 10 controllable DC outputs


  • Tamper Sensor
  • Security Screws (optional)
  • GPS Geo Fencing

A Rugged Portable or Permanent Surveillance Solution for Poles and Buildings

Each Power Sentry is built to your specific requirements. Units support one or more cameras with detection, deterrent and lighting devices in any combination.

  • Unit taps into any 110-277 VAC power source
  • Plug and play – no cables or digging required
  • Industrial grade enclosure protects hardware from the elements
Pole-Mounted MPS Power Sentry Along Frontage Road
MPS Power Sentry Exceptional Engineering

Exceptional Engineering

  • EDGE device avoids expensive bandwidth consumption
  • Continuous or scheduled operation
  • High performance battery backup option
  • Standalone system operates independently
  • Multiple units can create their own wireless network

Limitless Technology Integration

Mobile Pro Systems offers full integration with world-class cameras, sensors, deterrent devices and video management software.

All platforms are built to order with your custom requirements. Here are just a few of our technology partners:

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