Securing Critical Infrastructure at Utility Site with Mobile Surveillance

Electric Utilities are inherently susceptible to intrusions and damage, primarily due to the copper theft. Unfortunately, the thieves are placing their life and the lives of others in danger which can cost the utility tens of thousands of dollars to repair. MPS products can help to insure that crooks or terrorists can’t gain access to the internals of a substation where real damage can be done to hardware, service, learn details of the command and control SCADA system for future attacks or the ability to attach to the data network from the inside to set computer viruses.

The staff at Mobile Pro Systems has many years of experience in protecting the peripheral of the nation’s critical infrastructure including electric utilities across the United States and other countries. We have engineered several successful combinations of technical and operational solutions to deter, detect, report, and repel intruders. There is no single technology that will detect and deter attacks. In addition, it is impractical to try to install high level detection at all sites. MPS’ mobile solutions allow the ability to place systems at the degree of protection, at locations which management identifies as most critical. Our systems allow the ability to quickly redirect the available security resources as needed. The MPS solutions are designed to work with each other or independently.

Our solutions include carefully selected detection hardware from video and thermal video detection to passive and active motion detection to proven systems that use 360° and directed Lidar technologies. The systems are designed to be installed quickly and can be self-powered and totally wireless with extremely safe independent networks.