Mobile Surveillance on Campus

The need for increased video surveillance in education has had steady growth in the last few years. School facility and administrative management, along with security personnel – whether they are K-12 or college/university campuses are now making strong efforts to develop their campus security programs and are being tasked with creating the ability to:

  • Protect students
  • Deter crime
  • Prevent vandalism – including graffiti
  • Monitor parking lots/ residential areas
  • Help in investigations
  • Have easy installation and mobility of their security related technologies
  • Remote Access Assist in application of university policies

Our stand-alone video surveillance systems allow both administrative and security personnel to take cost effective, proactive measures toward minimizing the risks associated with these facilities. Many campuses have legacy surveillance/security systems and Mobile Pro Systems’ packaged solutions can be easily integrated into existing surveillance management platforms and integrated with other systems, such as access control. Using these solutions to assist in watching over such areas as university labs, research facilities, power stations, water treatment facilities, parking garages, dorm entrances, large public areas, arenas and entrances to campus areas are just some of the locations where video surveillance cameras are being installed.

MPS solutions have been designed to help the educational community meet the objectives of being able to watch for suspicious behavior and unauthorized access and the ability to have immediate access to situations or critical events, both as they occur and for recorded verification.

MPS prides itself in offering the tools to help provide the peace of mind objective for educational professionals, students and families!