On Site Surveillance for Construction Industry

Construction sites are notorious for theft and unauthorized access issues and we have solutions to help you manage that. We have many effective configurations and features that allow for site monitoring, activity detection, deterrent functions, and swipe card access and control. The benefits of having MPS solutions on your construction site are:

  • Provides advanced detection and security during off hours
  • Repels would-be intruders from your site
  • The presence of equipment and cameras on the site is a strong deterrent
  • Provides bold response to detected activity
  • Allows engineers and owners of sites to remotely monitor progress
  • You have a 24/7 archived recording of all activity at a site
  • The systems can be armed and disarmed at the site
  • Configurations can have the ability to be used as a check in time clock monitor for contractors
  • You can use both Trailers and Power Sentries at the same location for monitoring different areas as your project develops
  • Any attempt to tamper with the systems are reported
  • Systems can be linked with professional monitoring providers
  • Systems can easily be moved to locations deemed a higher threat or priority
  • As conditions change at a site, the systems can be repositioned as needed
  • Deploying these systems can save on insurance costs
  • Peace of mind that you are proactively protecting the site.


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