Pole Mounted Hybrid Camera Security System Solar Solo 6000

Operates 24/7 in Most Environments

The SOLAR SOLO pole mounted hybrid camera security system places a camera anywhere adequate sunshine is available. It includes a Lithium battery pack providing hours/days of no sun operation with the option to add additional batteries to extend no sun operation even longer. The system operates wirelessly 24/7 providing live video streaming and long-term video recording. The system mounts to existing poles or buildings and is supported by either a 150W or 300W solar panel configuration.  This configuration is ideal parks, playgrounds, agricultural areas or wherever there is a lack of AC power available.

Pole Mounted Hybrid Camera System Solar Solo 6000
    Components & Modules
  • AXIS Fixed Security Camera
  • Lithium Batteries 12V
  • Solar Panel for Pole Mounted Security Camera System
  • Cellular Router Wifi for Mobile Surveillance Systems
  • Mobile Pro Systems Power Broker
  • exacqVision Network Video Management System
Functions & Features
  • See Everything
  • Communicate
  • Remote Status
  • Remote Control
  • Scheduled Operation
  • Be Informed
  • Detect Activity
  • Power
  • Record
  • Remote Video Access
  • Deploy Quickly