Pole Mounted Video Surveillance System Lot View 6000

A Clear View

The LOT VIEW, a pole mounted video surveillance system, easily mounts on existing poles with 90vac to 277vac scheduled power. In addition, a Lithium battery pack provides hours of operation without an external power source, should the scheduled power shut down. The system operates wirelessly 24/7 providing live video streaming and recording. The default communications component is WiFi as WAN, which transmits data over a wireless link back to your offices. In locations where there is a greater distance or unavoidable interference, the system is pre-configured to accept other forms of communications. Motion Detection Sensors is an additional option available to detect and indicate activity on the property.  This configuration works with constant or scheduled power availability.  It is very effective when used as part of the security solution for car dealerships, retail outlets and other parking facilities.

Pole Mounted Video Surveillance System Lot View 6000
    Components & Modules
  • Cellular Router Wifi for Mobile Surveillance Systems
  • AXIS Fixed Security Camera
  • Lithium Battery 12V
  • Mobile Pro Systems Power Broker
  • exacqVision Network Video Management System
Functions & Features
  • See Everything 5MP
  • Communicate
  • Remote Status
  • Remote Control
  • Scheduled Operation
  • Be Informed
  • Detect Activity
  • Power
  • Record
  • Remote Video Access
  • Deploy Quickly