Property Surveillance with Power Sentry 6000

Commercial and residential managers are tasked with prevention of theft and vandalism as well as the safety of tenants and visitors. Security is a challenge because it involves maintaining a ‘peace of mind’ level as well as serving as a key marketing factor in attracting and retaining residents and tenants.

Some key areas at these facilities that most often demand attention:

  • Parking lots
  • Garages (above and below ground)
  • Entrances/driveways
  • Pool & recreational centers
  • Dock delivery areas
  • Dumpster areas
  • Courtyards
  • Playgrounds /basketball/tennis courts

MPS’ stand-alone commercial quality video surveillance systems allow property managers to take cost effective, proactive measures toward minimizing the risks associated with these facilities. When there is regular high traffic from residents and their guests, the need for more stringent control of entrance and exits and other key property areas becomes mandatory. Uninvited/unauthorized visitors are naturally attracted to these types of environments which can often result in suspicious activities, loitering and increased vandalism, including graffiti and some break-ins/defacing of vehicles. These scenarios may present potential harm to innocent individuals in the area as well.

The larger the complex, the more susceptible it is to unauthorized entries and activities. Mobile Pro Systems’ remotely accessible video surveillance systems provide cost-effective, 24/7 monitoring of these key areas of interest. Real-time alerts can be sent to emails, smartphones, or a monitoring center for immediate assessment and response. With the live, remote viewing capabilities and on-board video storage, our MPS surveillance platforms serve as a strong enhancement tool for:

  • Catching and Deterring Thieves & Vandals
  • Protect Families/Employees
  • Archiving Building Activity Video
  • Ensuring Peace of Mind for Renters/Tenants
  • Monitoring Any Suspicious Activity

Monitor live and past activities from anywhere. These systems work great for vacant properties as well!