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A Mobile Guard Shack with Vision
MPS Edge of Difference

MPS CheckPoint Mobile Guard Shack Interior Workspace Front ViewUntil the MPS CheckPoint, guard shack styles were limited to small booths or huts that were cumbersome and expensive to move. They also lacked the amenities needed to house an efficient workspace for guards who are responsible for controlling incoming and outgoing traffic throughout the day and possibly at night as well. So when a large utility approached us about their need to have a guard shack that could be transported easily and be a flexible, re-deployable asset, our engineers went to work.

MPS CheckPoint Mobile Guard Shack on SiteThe result is a revolutionary design where the shack is permanently secured onto a D.O.T. compliant trailer base and all its technologies operate from a power platform that seamlessly supports cameras, lighting, automated barrier gate arms and more. The shack interior utilizes every inch of space for maximum visibility, movement and storage–all housed in a comfortable, climate-controlled environment provided by a built-in dual heating and cooling unit.

MPS CheckPoint Mobile Guard Shack Interior Side View

The windows of the MPS CheckPoint are wide, deep and set on all four sides of the enclosure to allow a full view around the shack.

An on-board server allows personnel to check the status of the unit’s power, fuel and other important indicators. It’s also used to control the cameras, monitor live video of the area beyond the shack and access the Video Management System to search recorded video.

MPS CheckPoint Mobile Guard Shack Interior PC Monitor

The MPS Edge of Difference series highlights the innovative product features that have made Mobile Pro Systems the industry leader in mobile surveillance engineering and design. For more information, contact our sales office at 952-324-5645.