The Mobile Pro Systems Commander 3400 with License Plate Recognition (LPR) option allows for the accurate on-board capture of numeric plates in regions and situations which are traditionally more challenging. The self-contained Commander 3400 power platform is capable of recording license plates at the unit as well as remote connectivity. Flexible deployment options coupled with the accuracy of the LPR give you the force multiplier your department needs.
License Plate Recognition Camera System


  • On-board computer processes image at the time of capture
  • High-resolution ANPR camera that reads plates on vehicles traveling up to 120 mph
  • Synchronization of overview camera and Image Recognition
  • IP based systems with multiple remote connection options


  • Extreme platform stability
  • Hybrid design allowing for long deployments
  • Simple operation without any extensive training
  • Rapid, tool-less deployment
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License Plate Recognition Camera System on Commander 3400 Mobile Surveillance Trailer