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MPS Enters Exclusive Partnership with Lumizone Global

Mobile Pro Systems (MPS), a manufacturer of advanced mobile security solutions, recently announced an exclusive partnership with Lumizone Global, a global trader of steel and aluminum poles and related products, to integrate technology solutions by MPS with Lumizone Global’s outdoor lighting products.

These integrated, turn-key structures, generally known as Smart Poles, are designed to increase public safety and support the Smart City Initiative by adding advanced video surveillance, deterrence, and communication features directly to a light pole.  Each pole can be custom configured with options and features that meet a community’s needs at a particular location including cameras, interactive displays, vehicle charging stations, WiFi hot spots, micro cellular sites, motion detection, point of sale, and a powerful LED street luminaire.

The Smart Pole is a module based technology platform allowing changes when technology changes to protect investments in infrastructure.

Smart Pole Street View

“Our smart poles have key components designed to aid law enforcement for better controls and quicker response times, detecting and deterring criminal activity and providing safe zones for all aspects of our living environment. Moreover, our smart poles are capable of protecting large areas of critical infrastructure projects, requiring sophisticated systems and military-grade radar technology, for quick and effective action.”
–Raini Habgood-Bailey, Founder, Lumizone Global