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Mobile Pro Systems Announces New Configurations

Mobile Pro Systems has announced several new standard configurations to its lineup of outstanding products. They Include:

Lot View 6000 – Which is based on our Power Sentry pole mounted camera. This standard configuration   primarily designed for Car lots or general viewing in any vehicle lot. The LOT VIEW easily mounts on existing poles with 120vac to 277vac scheduled power. In addition, a 45AH Lithium battery provides up to 36 hours of operation without an external power source should the scheduled power shut down. The system operates wirelessly 24/7 providing live video streaming and recording. The default communications component is WiFi as WAN which transmits data over a wireless link back to your offices.

Night Sight 6000 – Which is based on our Power Sentry pole mounted camera. This system takes our standard Defender 6000 and adds superior IR lighting to the system allowing to see in total darkness without lighting up the area with white light. This is an outstanding solution for construction sites where you want to keep things dark but you want to catch the person that is intruding on your facility. The motion detection will trigger an alarm and if you want, a strobe will start to flash with a blinding light.

By choosing a standard configuration you receive advanced design and testing to insure that the product is designed with a specific purpose in mind. In addition, by selecting an MPS standard configuration you can be assured that you will be getting the most value for your investment. As always Mobile Pro Systems will take your needs and design a successful solution around your requirements. In any of our standard configurations, you can request customization for one or two items and still receive the standard configuration discount.