MPStatus Interactive Dashboard

Advanced System Data = Situational Awareness = exceptional reliability

The MPStatus Dashboard delivers the industry’s most advanced situational awareness for mobile surveillance equipment. Experience the power of live interactive control and real-time data from system components. Discover this exclusive technology in all Mobile Pro Systems equipment.


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Key Features

Comprehensive Interface

Complete status, control, and critical notifications of your power ecosystem. View real-time power level from battery systems, charging inputs, and individual system circuits.

Autonomous Intelligence

MPStatus actively manages your device’s hybrid power system. The platform efficiently charges from solar or shore power when available and engages the optional autonomous generator as needed.

Text Message Notification Alerts

Receive SMS and real-time email notifications on all selected alerts.

Access All Your Equipment in One Place

Trailer or pole-mounted platforms can be viewed in one convenient dashboard regardless of location.

User Configurable Automation

Control your system’s automation and analytics including lighting, strobes and audio components.

Powerful Remote Customer Service

Review live or historical dashboard data for any component and engage Minnesota based support technicians if you need them.

MPStatus Alert on Cell Phone

Our Platforms Tell YOU What’s Going On

With Mobile Pro Systems equipment, you never need to worry or wonder if your unit is running low on fuel or what its operating status is. MPStatus monitors all functions and will send an alert to you if something requires your attention.

It’s also just as easy to configure your unit’s security devices such as sensors and alarms. When activity or motion is detected, MPStatus notifies you immediately via SMS text or email. You can then check the live video and take appropriate action quickly to ward off intruders or notify law enforcement.

View all Your Systems from One Easy to Use Dashboard

Instantly view each unit’s operating status, adjust settings and configure devices, access reports and more. MPStatus organizes your equipment’s data in an intuitive format that allows you to pinpoint the information you need quickly.

Customer account management includes unlimited organizational admin, user and passive accounts with notifications.


Receive real time situational awareness alerts

Via SMS text messages or email, MPStatus will keep you informed about your unit’s operating status, alarm states and more.

Navigate simple tiles to control your system

MPStatus organizes detailed info about your system including:

  • Power Ecosystem
  • Individual Circuit Loads
  • System Security Settings
  • System Temperatures
  • Lighting and Audio Controls
  • GPS Location
  • All Device Mapping
  • Generator Function and Status

See the status of all your systems at a glance

View a device tree with color-coded status indicators for each system owned by your organization.

  • Grey – Unit is offline
  • Green – Unit is operating normally
  • Orange – Unit may have an issue
  • Red – Unit requires attention

Access real-time live and historical data

See your data for each circuit of the system both live and historically on a second-by-second basis. This means two valuable things for you. First you are no longer troubleshooting, rather you are diagnosing with real data. Second, Mobile Pro Systems can build the most reliable systems in the world by understanding the functionality of the systems in the field.

Trace audit trail of event notifications and user changes

With the MPStatus Dashboard you can filter notification types, track user-controlled inputs and system notifications with ease.

MPStatus Dashboard allows our Minnesota based tech support team to deliver world-class customer support.

Tech Support, Simplified

MPStatus stores detailed data so you can identify and review historical information down to the second. When you need help, our Minnesota based tech support team can dive deep into your dashboard and find answers–fast.

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