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New Lease Financing Program at MPS

Mobile Pro Systems recently announced a new lease financing program that allows you to expand or upgrade your business equipment and take advantage of the latest technology in mobile security and surveillance platforms today. Flexible terms, no balloon payment and budget-friendly, affordable monthly payments will enable many organizations to realize the cost-saving benefits of remote monitoring without sacrificing components or performance levels often lacking in other industry products.

Designed for Years of Use

Each product at Mobile Pro Systems is engineered for durability and rugged use. With proper maintenance, you can expect years of reliable use from your camera trailer, portable surveillance or pole mounted security camera systems. The modular design of each MPS unit means you can upgrade cameras and technology without expensive factory refittings. This means your platform will retain its value and usefulness over many years without incurring the costs of full replacement to keep up with technology changes and your expanding business needs.

Reduce Loss and Protect Your Business Assets

Theft and vandalism cost businesses thousands each year while replacement costs go up along with insurance premiums. Our lease financing program allows you to take advantage of the financial benefits of remote monitoring in deterring, detecting or prosecuting crime when you need it most–not just when you think you can afford it.

Special Note for Dealers

Demand for camera trailer rentals is increasing. Now you can offer your customers state-of-the-art mobile platforms for trial or rental and pay for your acquisition over time — while it’s generating revenue for your business.

To see how affordable a Commander trailer or Power Sentry surveillance camera system can be, contact us or call today 651-434-2333.