Why would I choose a diesel generator? - Mobile Pro Systems

Why would I choose a diesel generator?

MPS recommends using the diesel generator system for the following reasons:
  • Diesel fuel is safer for transport.
  • In industrial settings diesel may be more plentiful.
  • The fuel will maintain a longer freshness in the tanks.
  • The diesel generator has a much longer expected life, where the gas generator has an expected life between 2000 – 3000 hours, the diesel has an expected life of 10,000 to 16,000 hours; but of course it is all about how you maintain your system.
  • The diesel configuration is better sized to the application. Gas generator is a 4000 watt and the diesel has a 3000-watt capacity; the system draws about 2000 watts while under full charge.
  • Diesel fuel is more efficient and operates nearly twice as long on a fill of fuel.
  • The diesel generator has less critical components such as a carburetor and a complex control system.
  • The diesel generator has a liquid coolant cooling system and the system radiator removes the heat better. The gas generator is air cooled.
  • The Diesel system runs cooler and is better for warmer environments.
If the above is a value then diesel should be your choice. The down sides to diesel may be one or many of the following:
  • Diesel has an odor both in the transportation, filling, and operating.
  • Diesel is somewhat louder (78db) than the gas version (68db).
  • In very cold weather the generator needs to be preheated via battery.
  • In some cases, diesel fuel can gel and cause issues because it can’t be pumped as easily and in super cold weather.
  • There is a little additional maintenance with the diesel engine: you have coolant to check, special diesel oil to use, and it is more important that the oil change schedule is followed.