MOBILE PRO SYSTEMS (MPS) a DBA of LRG Technologies Inc. started manufacturing creative mobile power platform products in 2011. The two founders Rob Gornick and Steve Dunker, both who have extensive experience in security based technologies joined together to start the company. The company is based around providing flexible and mobile solutions for powering security, network, and communications technologies. Our hybrid power platforms allow different technologies to be placed where needed, with quick setup that can be used for short or long term deployments. Our products are engineered for maximum power efficiency & multiple re-charging options (Hybrid).

MPS offers a family of different network/IP based Mobile Video Surveillance systems utilized by many government and commercial entities. By combining our power based hybrid platforms and various technologies together we can offer extremely effective products. MPS utilizes network based video cameras, video management and recording systems, wireless mesh, cellular communications, solar power and video analytics as fully integrated solutions. Our products are an excellent ‘re-deployable asset’ for securing construction sites, utilities or any other facilities deemed as needing ‘critical infrastructure protection’ or CIP’s. The ‘securing’ of these remote, hard to secure areas is being strongly enhanced through the use of our solutions by providing both live/recorded video & alarm solutions – monitored and viewed both at the site and from remote locations. “The Crime” moves…the cameras move!