Remote Surveillance for Communities

MPS offers the first safety surveillance solution for communities that helps to strike the balance between public law enforcement and local neighborhood watch group efforts in fighting crime in their own local communities. MPS’ standalone video surveillance systems allow community members to participate in expanding the fight against unwanted and unsafe activities in the actual places that they live, work, shop and play.

Utilizing the latest, state-of-the-art technologies, these very affordable, interactive solutions combine live, remote viewing capabilities with video storage for identification/evidentiary purposes and yet it still serves as a strong crime deterrent established through the enhanced video surveillance visibility. It’s more than just a system…it’s a program designed to help keep your neighborhood safe!

Our MPS systems can create and become a conduit between your community, law enforcement and neighboring communities for establishing interactive and organized efforts toward fighting neighborhood crime. These solutions are permanently installed platforms but can still be easily redeployed as the neighborhood needs change. The ease of operation of these systems leads to the availability of more accurate information and thus more timely response to critical situations as they arise.

Community leaders can now become empowered by implementing these technology based solutions and using them as an escalation tool toward changing/improving those troubled locations that every neighborhood seems to have: high crime and high traffic areas, playgrounds, parking lots, and shopping areas. Easily deployed on poles, buildings or any place where the safety of people and property can be enhanced through pro-active deterrence, interaction and identification…that’s the Mobile Pro System’s way!