Pole Mounted Camera Security System Defender 6000

Proactive Site Protection

The DEFENDER 6000 pole mounted camera security system and key technologies, provide a highly effective, stand-alone detection, deterrent, and reporting system. When it detects activity in the protected area, the system will turn on super bright LED lighting, flash the strobe light and send an email alert.  Remotely site activity can be investigated with snapshots, live and historical video to enable prompt action.  This configuration is designed to work in situations where there is a constant source of power including construction sites, street lights or parking lots.

Pole Mounted Camera Security System Defender 6000
    Components & Modules
  • AXIS Fixed Security Camera
  • Power Sentry LED Light Kit
  • Cellular Router Wifi for Mobile Surveillance Systems
  • Mobile Pro Systems Power Broker
  • Strobe Lights for Mobile Surveillance Trailer
  • exacqVision Network Video Management System
Functions & Features
  • Light Up The Area
  • See Everything
  • Communicate
  • Remote Status
  • Remote Control
  • Scheduled Operation
  • Be Informed
  • Power
  • Deterrent
  • Siren/Audio Alerts
  • Record
  • Remote Video Access
  • Forensics
  • Deploy Quickly