Mobile Video Security Trailer Site Protector 360°

Long-Term Deployment with Proactive Site Protection

The SITE PROTECTOR 360° mobile video security trailer configuration is a simple yet versatile proactive detection and deterrent tool. MPS configures the hardware, software, and related services to integrate a complete system within the MPS-3400 power platform. Using multiple cameras and communications technologies, when activity is detected in the protected area, the system turns on bright LED lighting, makes a commanding voice announcement, and reports the detected activity via emails sent with snapshots. When a monitoring service is used, the activity is investigated with snapshots, live and historical video; then prompt predetermined action is taken.

The SITE PROTECTOR portable surveillance trailer is perfect for construction sites, electric utilities, oil and gas facilities, mining operations, military bases and industrial plants.

Commander 3400 Mobile Surveillance Trailer
    Components & Modules
  • Mobile Surveillance Trailer Audio Option
  • AGM Batteries 1200Ah
  • Onan 4000w Generator
  • Camera Trailer Midmast Dam
  • Top Mast Lights for Mobile Surveillance Trailer
  • Strobe Lights for Mobile Surveillance Trailer
  • AXIS Fixed Security Cameras
  • Solar Panel for Mobile Surveillance Trailer
  • Weather Station for Camera Trailer
  • Computer for Mobile Surveillance Trailer
  • Cellular Router Wifi for Mobile Surveillance Systems
Functions & Features
  • Light Up the Area
  • See Everything
  • Listen
  • Talk
  • Communicate
  • Remote Status
  • Remote Control
  • GPS
  • Be Informed
  • Weather
  • Detect Activity
  • Power
  • Remote Video Access
  • Forensics
  • Long-Term Deployment